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Chrome Sheep Studs


ANNUAL SALE, October 2012

Chrome Sheep Studs


Matthew & Tanya Tonissen
03 5571 1797

Mob: 0417 149 805
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Address: 478 Balkins Road,
Hamilton, Vic 3300



CHROME SHEEP STUDS is run by Matthew and Tanya Tonissen and staff, located just South West of Hamilton on Dartmoor – Hamilton Road. The property is on basalt soils in 700mm rainfall country.

Our stud flocks consist of:

  • 400 Poll Dorset ewes plus ewe lambs
  • 400 Coopworth ewes plus ewe lambs
  • 640 Maternal Composite ewes plus ewe lambs
  • 120 Perendale ewes plus ewe lambs

To back our stud we have a commercial flock of around 2000 Maternal Composite and Coopworth ewes for Prime Lamb production
At CHROME SHEEP STUDS we are breeding Self-replacing Maternal Meat Sheep and ICON Poll Dorsets.  It is our aim to be at the forefront of the Sheepmeat seedstock industry in Australia.

To achieve and maintain this high quality level of production, it is necessary to get many things right.

We obtained what we considered to be the best ewes available in Australia when we commenced breeding.

  • We place a great deal of emphasis on animal health and management, hardiness and doing ability.
  • We have a clear vision of what our animals should look like and how they should perform.
  • We use the most advanced selection tools available e.g. Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer, DNA analysis
  • We balance visual traits together with measured performance data using Lambplan, a widely used genetic evaluation system.
  • We listen to what our clients want.
  • We are constantly on the lookout for genetics that might be superior to our own.

We run a large stud ewe flock with a strong commercial focus. The key economic driver of a prime lamb production operation is weight of lambs weaned as a percentage of the body weight of the mother.  The logical extension of that means we do not want excessively large females because quiet simply, they eat too much for what they produce.  For this reason, we are focused on moderate frame score ewes at CHROME.

All stud sheep are fully pedigreed and are recorded on the genetic evaluation system Lambplan and genetic traits expressed as ASBV's (Australian Sheep Breeding Values) These values give an indication of a particular animal's estimated genetic merit for various traits.  e.g.. growth, eye muscle and fertility

All our Maternal Sheep (i.e.; Coopworth, Maternal Composite, Perendale) are all run together as one flock of sheep so that we can make direct comparisons between them all, both on a visual basis and on recorded Lambplan performance data. Lambplan data is all run under the Coopworth Dollar Index which is breed code 15.

Embryo Transfer has played a major role in both the ICON Poll Dorset Stud and the Maternals ensuring that we multiply High Quality genetics at a faster rate to keep up with the increased demand for our sheep.

Chrome Sheep Studs Chrome Sheep Studs
Chrome Sheep Studs Chrome Sheep Studs
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