Caribbean Senepols

Caribbean Senepols


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Dallas Hawkins
02 6036 3180
Mob: 0427 205 646

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Address: 'Wilungah'
Australia's premier Senepol herd specialising in the breeding and production of superior seed-stock genetics.

Established in 2000, the stud is owned and managed by Dallas and Barb Hawkins.

Superior genetics have been sourced from the home of Senepols, St Croix in the Caribbean and throughout the USA. The resulting progeny has excelled throughout Australia's Tropical and Sub Tropical climatic zones. These genetics have also been successfully exported to South America, America and New Caledonia.

Our cattle have provided cattle breeding operators throughout Australia with increased market options with an adapted Bos Taurus package, thus improving efficiency in the areas of meat quality, fertility and weight for age.

many of the major pastoral companies have used and still use Caribbean Senepol genetics in their large scale cattle breeding operations. This acceptance of our breeding program by both stud and pastoral companies is gratifying to us.

Caribbean Senepols selects animals suited to both wet tropics with high humidity and hot, dry savanna country. Caribbean Senepols selects for tough, adaptable cattle, with the ability to thrive under harsh conditions, maintaining fertility, tropical resistance and feed efficiency whilst producing an excellent eating quality carcase.
Caribbean Senepols Caribbean Senepols
Caribbean Senepols Caribbean Senepols
KW Red Angus Senepol

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