Uardry Merino

Uardry Merino

Uardry Merino

MERINO FOUNDATION SALE  – 25th September 2012

  Sims Uardry Poll

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The Uardry merino stud was established in 1864. The Uardry merino was developed by Charles Mills as a distinct type. Successive generations of studmasters have continued this development.

The Uardry merino today is bigger, more fertile and carries a heavy cutting fleece of long stapled, well-nourished medium wool.

Uardry continues to earn its reputation as one of Australia's leading merino studs. Up to 1100 rams from the Uardry studs are sold across Australia and overseas annually.

Uardry sold the top priced rams at the Dubbo National Ram Sale in 1994 for $32,000; in 1995 for $36,000; in 1999 for $15,000; and in 2003 for $17,000 and consistently achieves amongst the highest sale averages for both stud and selected rams.

Uardry continues to perform in the show circuit, consistently winning championships and broad ribbons at major shows in New South Wales and interstate. Uardry won four consecutive Riverina Ram of the Year awards in 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996. The award was won again in 2004. Uardry and Sims Uardry combined hold the record for winning the Riverina Ram of the Year award.

Client results and continued success are the most reliable way to measure the commercial worth of a stud. Uardry clients consistently obtain above average wool cuts, achieve good prices for their surplus sheep and find the sheep do well even under the toughest conditions.

The Sims Uardry stud was established in 1998. It is a completely separate stud developed for sheepbreeders who require large framed, plain bodied, fertile, easy-care sheep, with the heavy cutting, quality Uardry wool. The Sims Uardry merino is particularly suited to the pastoral areas where clients could relate to the Collinsville bloodline.

The first progeny of the Sims Uardry stud made headlines at the 2000 Uardry Stud Foundation Sale when Sims Uardry Dynamo, winner of the two-tooth Riverina Ram of the Year, sold for $20,000 and 116 Uardry and Sims Uardry rams averaged $1,215.

The Sims Uardry stud continues to create great interest being successful in both the show and sale ring.

Charles Mills (Uardry) Pty Ltd has added a new feature to the highly successful Sims Uardry stud. 2010 saw the launch of the Sims Uardry Poll Merino flock (Stud No. 1387).

With the growing demand for good Poll genetics throughout Australia, Uardry saw a strong future for the growth of Poll Merino rams within Australian flock enterprises.

The breeding direction of the new stud is clear; to produce the Sims Uardry type with no horns. The dual purpose characteristics of the Sims Uardry blood are the benchmark of the “Modern Merino”.

At the Uardry Foundation Sale in September 2010, the Sims Uardry Stud poll rams sold at a significant 100% premium to horned Merino Stud rams, selling 57 rams for an average of approx $2,240 versus the horned merinos selling for an average of $1,115.This good result confirms the market demand for the Sims Uardry poll.

Uardry Merino Sims Uardry Merino
Sims Uardry Merino  Sims Uardry Poll 
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