Calga Dohne Stud

Calga Dohne Stud


ANNUAL RAM SALE - September 26th 2012

Calga Dohne Stud


Bill & Margie Pye
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The property 'Calga' is located 29km east of Coonamble along the Warrumbungles National Park Road. Calga is a 40,000-acre property comprised of rich volcanic soils, natural and improved pastures ideally suited for the Dohne. The property is divided up by a number of creeks and has the majestic backdrop of the Warrumbungles, an ancient volcanic region noted for its landmarks and beauty.

Broad acre farming of wheat, barley, chickpeas, canola and sorghum is carried out during the year along whilst also maintaining a large commercial Black Angus herd. The property is owned and managed by Bill Pye.

Calga was traditionally a wool growing property until more recent times when the decline in the wool industry forced a change to include a large dry land farming operation, along with the replacement of our Calga merino flock by Dohne sheep.

Calga Dohne Stud No 47 was established in 2002. The Stud started with 50 pregnancies and followed with 50 more six months later. Calga Dohnes have worked closely with Macquarie Artificial Breeders (MAB) to expand the flock to over 250 Pure bred breeding age ewes and with a further 200 ewe lambs coming on.

Calga's confidence in the Dohne can be measured by the $20,000 Australian record price paid for the proven No 1 ranked sire in Australia, Macquarie MD03 0681 at the National Dohne sale at Dubbo in October 2004. The stud already had a handful of impressive lambs by the sire on the ground at the time of purchase, and sale-day EBVs ranked it as the number one sire in Australia with figures of 10.6pc for bodyweight, -1.7pc for micron, -1.9pc for fleece weight, -1.9pc for fleece weight; and a 134.4pc index based on 34 progeny.

Through Calga Dohne's close association with Macquarie Artificial Breeders, the stud has been able to access proven outcrosses top sires from Macquarie, Glenlea, Far Valley, Uardry and Jarramongup studs to gain rapid genetic gain.

While the stud will adhere to the Dohne Standards, our aim is to apply selection pressure to improve wool quality and weight gain but not to increase terminal weight which we see as major problem with other exotic breeds being toted around the country at present.

Calga Dohne Stud Calga Dohne Stud
Calga Dohne Stud Calga Dohne Stud
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