KW Red Angus/Senepol

KW Red Angus/Senepol




Robert & Bernadette Close
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James Lilburne
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The name “Kurra-Wirra” is aboriginal for Red Gum country and that is exactly what this area is. Situated in the far west of Victoria this picturesque country enjoys large red gum trees, nestled in rolling hills and creeks. This area is renowned for its breeding and grazing, added with some cropping and an annual rainfall of approximately 570mm

Principles Robert & Bernadette Close manage Kurra-Wirra as a family operated business with their 5 children.From a very humble beginning the Close family have over the last 3 generations greatly expanded their land area and business. Rob & Bernie’s children whilst still being educated are keen to follow in the same family footsteps. All of this has been done with sheep and cattle.

Kurra-Wirra has had Merino sheep since inception and cattle for the last 40 years. Rob continues to manage the stud and commercial sheep. He also had a Hereford stud for 20years before moving to Hereford/Angus composite cattle and loved the advantages and efficiencies of the hybrid vigor. We have always had a strong focus on commercial reality and we believe with an open mind have moved with the times and market to breed the most efficient and profitable cattle to suit. This has led us to the logical and obvious choice of the Red Angus & Senepol breed (in both their pure and composite form)

In 2005-2006 during the drought we were fortunate in securing world class females of pure Red Angus and Senepol composite genetics. We currently breed about 200 bulls a year. In my opinion these are the best cattle I have had anything to do with. They tick all the boxes as a breed. To list all their advantages would take a long time but simply the thing they excel in is high valued top quality meat with exceptional growth rates. The excellent fertility rates to produce high growth top quality carcasses in all areas both northern tropical and in cooler southern areas.

They are red slick coated polled cattle of Bas Taurus origins. This gives them great potential for hybrid vigor when used in cross breeding operations.

We have a stud representative, James Lilburne at Wagga Wagga. He is committed to service; sales and marketing while keeping an eye on the young bulls that are sent up north for acclimatization before sale at either auction or private sale selection.

For further information regarding our cattle sales or operation either contact James Lilburne or ourselves.


KW Red Angus Senepol KW Red Angus Senepol
KW Red Angus Senepol KW Red Angus Senepol
KW Red Angus Senepol

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