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Cobrabald Genetics have evolved from humble beginnings, which for over 30 years have continued perfecting their 'zeal' for high quality breeding, offering services in genetics and striving for paramount results.

We endeavour to maintain the greatest attributes and value in our livestock for our customers, therefore our company believe in standing by our mission to 'provide our customers and buyers with cattle and knowledge that fulfils their wants and needs.'

The Charolais within our herd are selected and refined by having a breeding line and strong emphasis on producing structurally sound, easy calving, fast growing reliable cattle that will work for buyers and continue to please them in stud, cross-breeding and composite programs.

We run an extensive ET and AI program with imported semen on a select group of females each year. Implementation of Group BREEDPLAN in the early 90's has helped us produce Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) on all of our cattle, and with this behind us we hope to produce a new generation of charolais cattle for the ever changing.

A Bos taurus breed, well suited for the top end because of its heat tolerance, insect and disease resistance, and its ability to thrive on poor quality forage was tested in a program at Cobrabald.  We wanted to trial a cross that would combine the traits of the Charolais and this tropically adapted bos taurus breed in the development of composites for superior levels of milk and beef production.

The  Senepol presented us with excellent qualities such as the slick coated gene, cross-breeding value, production flexibility and tenderness in carcass quality. For this reason it saw the introduction and ultimately the foundation of using the Senepol and Senelais infused cattle, within our breeding programmes.

We currently AI the best performing pedigree Red Angus females in our herd to Senepol and other adapted bos taurus sires to create an unbeatable first cross base for our composites. They are exceptional cattle that possess characteristics of both breeds particularly the senepol infusion increases hybrid vigor in a tropically adapted animal with superior carcase.

2011 Walgett Sale Monday 29th August

From our beginnings in 1972 as one of the founding studs of the Charolais inception into Australia, at Walcha NSW Cobrabald Genetics moved to Gulargambone NSW in 2005 with the Cobrabald Charolais Stud, and has also introduced  a 'new wave' of genetics to the existing breeding herd, allowing for a better unrivalled range of accurate, concise and cutting-edge composite crosses that appeal to consumers and breeders alike.

Cobrabald Genetics Cobrabald Genetics
Cobrabald Genetics Cobrabald Genetics
KW Red Angus Senepol

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