Arrarat Drakensbergers

Arrarat Drakensberger



Arrarat Drakensbergers


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The Drakensberger is one of the few breeds that possesses the Marbling Gene!
Drakensberger beef is tender and juicy!
The Drakensberger is BLACK!
The Drakensberger possesses the poll gene!

Drakensberger cattle were developed through strict selection based on scientific norms, with emphasis on the important economic traits:
Fertility - The single most important economic trait – no calf, no product to sell
High milk production and low moralities in respect of the females
Feed conversion
Carcass quality   

Drakensberger cattle are known for their phenomenal resistance to extremes of cold, heat and drought. Female cattle have at all times to utilize the resources at their disposal, thus enabling them not only to live, but produce and reproduce under varying and wide ranging climatological and environmental conditions.  With regard to efficient production, the females have to calve down at an early age (without calving problems) and thereafter over a long productive life, whilst producing a calf of optimal weaner mass. This has been attained on the natural pastures, with a minimum input.

Over and above the economically important traits, the Drakensberger has other top quality characteristics that are not only labour and cost effective but also ensure carefree management which are strictly sought after in the selection programme:

Docile temperament
Low birth mass and easy calving
Low abortion rate
Mother instinct and self preservation
Disease resistance, especially tick borne diseases due to a thicker hide (>18mm)
Relative high resistance to internal parasites
Pigmentation – resistance to ultra-violet radiation, photosensitivity and eye problems
Heat and radiation resistance characteristics due to a loose hide and short shiny blue-black hair colour
Strong leg and bone structure with a hard “Buffalo” hoof ensuring easy gait even over the roughest terrain
A large capacity coupled to a large feed intake under free-grazing conditions

Drakensberger cattle are the ideal choice for the butcher bearing in mind the final consumer, the housewife, due to the tender, juicy and flavoursome beef of the highest quality.

Arrarat Drakensbergers Arrarat Drakensbergers
Arrarat Drakensbergers Arrarat Drakensbergers
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