Truro Herefords

Truro Herefords

Truro Herefords

ANNUAL BULL SALE  – Thursday 22nd July 2013


Scott & Pip Hann
Ph:02 6793 7839
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: 'Truro'
Bellata NSW 2397





Truro Herefords is run by the Hann family - Scott & Pip (daughters Matilda & Sophie) and parents John & Peggy. We are using Australian and International genetics in our pursuit of excellence in breeding modern, top quality Whiteface cattle.

• Modern cattle concentrating on improving mucle content and IMF

• Also concentrating on good skin and hair producing easy doing cattle

• Milk and muscle with high IMF

• Good temperament and structurally correct frame

• Breedplan recorded - Truro is well placed against the Hereford Breedplan averages with many           characteristics being in the top 5% of the breed -please note the very high Intramuscular Fat (IMF) figures.

• Striving for lower birth weights with higher growth rates – it can be done!

• 70 bulls being offered in 2013 with all bulls semen tested and vet checked

• Also offering 5 select stud females

• Hereford herd established in 1987 over 200 registered females, and still building

• Purchased first Poll genetics in 2007 with 7 cows and calves from Antara Dispersal at Quirindi. These females are outstanding being either Heatherdale prefix or bloodlines. Then purchased 23 heifers from Bowen Stud at Barraba We also purchased 7 cows, with calves at foot, from the Merawah Poll Hereford Dispersal a few years ago. A number of progeny are for sale from the Merawah and Bowen females this year and look terrific.Visitors always welcome so please drop in or give us a call.

We look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your breeding programme.

"Truro" Bellata NSW 2397
Scott & Pip - 02 6793 7839
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Lot 1 Truro Game On
  • Lot 2 Truro Gunga Din
  • Lot 3 Truro Ghengis Khan
  • Lot 4 Truro Gunslinger
  • Lot 5 Truro Gittoe
  • Lot 6 Truro Garcia


KW Red Angus Senepol

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