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Annual Bull Sale Friday 12th September 2015

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Jondaryan Angus was established in 2007 when we were able to negotiate the purchase of 14 joined females from the well known and successful Ardrossan Angus Stud Holbrook NSW. We were also fortunate in purchasing 24 cows in calf from Roger Boshammer Glenoch Angus when they conducted a major reduction in their older female breeders. These cows have been excellent. We also negotiated the sale of six selected Te Mania cows in calf, 14 Vermont cows in calf at the clearance of this stud 11 cows in calf from auction of Lawson cows, seven cows again in calf from Raff female sale and a few Kenny Creek and other studs.

So you can see we have endeavoured to purchase a good balanced herd of proven bloodlines from very good and well respected studs. We thank them for their help when making selections. From the very first purchase of Ardrossan females we have taken the path of out-cross genetics. This position was arrived at by consultations with agents who were suggesting that the breed was being heavily influenced by a small number of very good bulls and studs. They felt that a balance would be required in the short to longer term so we took on this advice and looked at producing out-cross genetics.

Genetics are useful in predicting the possible traits available and whilst we consider this information we have always still looked at the confirmation and make up of our females before selecting the sires to cover them.

There is no point having good E.B.Vs and the resulting prodigy have no eye appeal. We have currently 185 females who will be calving soon and now that our numbers are up we will dispose of some cows that we have excess of genetics in. We are only going to join 150 – 160 females per year going forward as our aim is for quality not quantity.

We have in general maintained and improved the quality of the females and we can observe a better general improvement and consistent product. We would like all our stock to have good temperament, do well in all conditions and all our cattle to have the volume and doing abilities to produce consistent results.

One hundred percent black and true to type, there is no substitute for the Angus breed and we have no intention to produce stock that does not meet this criteria.

We welcome all inquiries and visitors about the progress of our stud. Our farm manager Mr Charles Brook mobile number 0488 967 503 is available to assist you obtaining any information you require about bulls and females being offered at our first annual Jondaryan Angus Stud Sale.

This year we have taken the position of showing a small number of bulls on the circuit mainly to show what type of bulls we are breeding. The difference in structure of the three bulls are noticeable and the traits that may be required by you can be sourced. As we will continue to have the broadest base of genetics available we will at next joining use embryos obtained from our top females to further accelerate the genetics required.

Jondaryan Angus Management Program
All cattle are run under normal season commercial conditions. Basic improved and natural pastures and on oats and forage sorghum when available. A small feed program is used on bulls to ensure that the required protein is available to maintain growth and working ability. All cattle are handled on a regular basis. Mustering is all done by quad bikes and at times by horse, no dogs have ever been used at Jondaryan. All animals who display flighty or aggressive behaviour are disposed of. All animals at Jondaryan are treated with respect and we do not in anyway handle them outside of industry’s best practices.

All calves are weaned at between five to seven months depending on the season. All females are joined by AI from the very best genetic semen we can obtain. Blanket cover with a second follow up is used and then quality cover bulls if required. At the present time we are achieving good results with PTIC of around 90%. We are striving to achieve better results. All stock is easy to handle and quiet with no concerns on health. Doctor Steve Fogarty has carried out examinations and semen testing on all offered bulls.


Jondaryan Angus

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