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Annual Bull Sale April 2014
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Kidman Angus was established in 1994, with an invaluable prior background in seed stock production, it was a smoother transition than starting from scratch.

Foundation bloodlines were sourced from Outwest, Calleen Dispersal, Ardrishaig, Caleula, Circle 8 and Roseville Park Stud herds. From the initial start the aim was to breed a more ‘modern day angus’, whilst still retaining the calving ease, fertility and maternal traits of the breed.

Initially bulls were sold privately, with a team taken to the Midwest Angus Bull Sale. In 2007 a decision was made to include a draft of Angus bulls as part of the Annual Kidman Bull Sale.

In January 2011 saw the Angus herd entrusted with Randall & Kylie who are hoping to continue the steady progress of the future herd.

Each year we offer a solid draft of sale bulls that reflect the continual use of proven bloodlines.We are striving for ongoing improvement and are confident the bulls will impress the most discerning bull buyer.

We have worked hard on keeping the temperament and structure standard high in all of our bulls and are committed to maintaining it. The bulls are finished on oats and we have freeze branded them as an aid for purchasers to identify their bulls in the future.

With the Angus marketing machine flexing it’s muscle in recent times, you can feel confident in investing in our quality Kidman Angus genetics for the future.

Kidman Angus

  • Kidman Angus
  • Kidman Angus
  • Kidman Angus
  • Kidman Angus
  • Kidman Angus
  • Kidman Angus

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