Coota Park Blue-E

Annual Bull Sale 1st September 2015 
Coota Park Blue E

Jon Wright
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'Coota Park'






Blue-E’s are a line of Angus x Shorthorn cattle that have been developed by Jon, Harvey and Barbara Wright of Coota Park, Woodstock, NSW, Australia.


Blue-Es offer a commercial proposition to cattle producers with a focus on maximising the conversion of pasture and returns from your beef enterprise. All Blue-E Bulls offered are grassfed, efficiency tested, performance recorded, fertility guaranteed and ready to work.


This line of cattle are predominately Black and Blue with Blue-E being consistent where it matters.


Coota Park Blue-E Breeding Principles:

  • The Blue-E is an open composite – hence will continue to incorporate Angus and Shorthorn genetics
  • All cattle performance recorded
  • Blue-E cattle have EBV’s provided by Angus Society’s Multi-Breed Register
  • All sale bulls efficiency tested
  • Bulls fertility tested and sold with a guarantee
  • Heifers joined at 14 mths calved at 2 yrs
  • No foot trimming
  • 60 days joining to all females
  • All females pregnancy tested and empties sold
  • Single sire joining for sire evaluation
  • Strong selection for muscularity both visually and EMA
  • We direct to multi-trait selection
  • We have a strict selection regime that is creating practical cattle that will suit as many environments as possible and direct to as many markets as possible
  • All cattle grazed under strict rotational grazing system with cows run in large mobs to maximise grazing efficiency and pasture sustainability.


We put emphasis on:


Coota Park

  • Coota Park
  • Coota Park
  • Coota Park
  • Coota Park
  • Coota Park
  • Coota Park

KW Red Angus Senepol

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